A journal

I was challenged the other day, by the thought that things usually happen to me, rather than me making things happen. Through my whole life this has been the case, but with some exceptions.

The exceptions are me applying to join PAIS. Me asking Beth to marry me. Me applying to a PGCE course and becoming a teacher. Me entering the MIT process. Me going on the stationing list.

So some pretty big things, actually.

But I still think it is true. I need to make more things happen. I need to be more proactive. See the need and meet the need. Especially in family setting and church setting.

I really want to stick with this one. I have come to realise the benefits of journalling as more than being a “nice idea”. Journalling really helps me in processing my thoughts, but it also helps me spiritually. As I type, I give these things to Jesus, and he gives me his peace.

I have tried different places to journal. I have typed out entries locally on my chromebook, and published them to a static-site. This has been my favoured method for some time, mostly because the entries are stored locally so I don't lose them if the Internet goes pear-shaped. But the reason I'm not continuing with that is that I'm limited to just one computer – the one on which the static-site files are stored. It's all pretty geeky and not simple, which is another reason I'm probably not going to continue with that.

Another option is pen and paper. An attractive option it would be if I could actually write neatly enough to read my own writing. I love paper journals and quality pens. But it's also time consuming. I can't write as fast as I can type.

Another option is Posthaven. I am using Posthaven as a public personal blog, with mostly photos and interesting articles I read, etc.

I have settled with write.as, again. It is aesthetically pleasing. It saves as I type. It is accessible from mobile devices. It is free, for the services I need of it. I like it, and I would pay for it if I wasn't already paying £5 per month for Posthaven's services.